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Implants FAQs

How can dental implants help me?
Because they are fixed in place, implant supported bridgework, crowns or dentures can feel much better than traditional dentures and can help with chewing, boosting the wearer’s self confidence and quality of life.  They blend into the gums and should look perfectly realistic.

Are they comfortable?
There may be some bruising and discomfort after the operation to place the titanium root, but once the implant has integrated and restoration is placed on top, you should not be aware of it in your mouth.  You cannot usually remove fixed implants supported teeth yourself; this has to be done by your dentist, however where implants are used to stabilise partial or full dentures these should be removed at night or as advised by your dentist.

Are they safe?
Implants are now well established and have a good safety reputation.  Very occasionally the implant does not integrate well with the bone.  If this occurs, it may have to be removed and , once the gum has healed, it maybe possible to replace it.  Most modern implants will last for many years providing regular maintenance is undertaken.

How do I clean them?
Your dentist will show you how to keep the area clean while the implants are integrating into the jaw.  Once the teeth are fitted you should clean them like your own teeth, though you may need to take extra care in certain more awkward areas, and your dental hygienist will be able to tell you how best to do this.

Who can fit implants?
Unfortunately, implant treatment is usually carried out on a private basis, and can be expensive.  Whoever fits your implants, whether it be a dental surgeon or a specialist, make sure you are confident that they are suitably experienced and that you are referred to them by someone whose option you trust.

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