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Preventive Dentistry Air Abrasion System

Air Abrasion is a whole new concept of cutting cavities, it uses 27 micron particels under air pressure that selectively removes soft decay material, it can also be used to remove white filling material, it can also be used to remove white filling material without removing any sound tooth structure, hence it is very non-invasive and prolongs the life of the tooth.

there is no drilling involved and most of the time there is no injection necessary.

Ideal for children with early decay as it involves the minimal loss of tooth tissue, they don't need to have local anaesthetic or have any drilling, vibration, heat or cold water to worry about.

Air Abrasion system also increases bonding strength of white fillings, crowns and posts.

Abrasion CANNOT be used :-
  • For doing crowns, veneers or inlays
  • On patients with Chronic Respiratory disease
  • On metal fillings, beacuse mercury vaporises and is toxic and we care about our safety and that of our patients.
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